Dare to fight! Over the past 40 years, Xiaolan private enterprises have developed step by step. - News information - Xiangrong
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Dare to fight! Over the past 40 years, Xiaolan private enterprises have developed step by step.

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After the reform and opening up, Xiaolan private enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots. They crossed the river by touching the stones. With hard work, hard struggle and honest management, they created a number of high-tech enterprises and famous brands, and became the explorers and pioneers of modern enterprises.

In 1979, Li Youzhi, a high school graduate, was assigned to work in Xiaolan Town's state-owned food station, which was the iron rice bowl envied by many people at that time。 Three years later, he was arranged to study in Shenzhen Food Station。 His trip to Shenzhen gave him a real sense of the changes brought about by the reform and opening-up policy in Guangdong, which also gave rise to the idea of entrepreneurship。

Based on the analysis and understanding of the market, in 1983, Li Youzhi resolutely abandoned the iron rice bowl and opened a plastic processing plant. Starting from a small workshop, he slowly built a "universal processing plant" in the plastic industry from the processing of ceiling fan governors to "McDonald's" toys. Because of the low content of plastic processing technology, Li Youzhi began to feel the increasing pressure of competition, and the factory gradually entered the bottleneck of development.

Through continuous visits to the market, Li Youzhi began to step into the caster production industry, and established his own team, to brand and make special products。 In 2004, he withstood the pressure, boldly launched the industrial casters never used orange, and integrated the concept of automobile tire design, developed the first batch of "Xiang Rong casters"。 This year, his husband and wife took their own casters and spent months traveling all over China, trying to sell。 Because of the high degree of product identification, distinctive, and reliable quality, two years later, the factory finally turned into profit and loss, returned to the right track and successfully transformed。

Xiangrong Casters, based on the enterprise principle of "no labeling, no imitation of others'products", have developed to more than 4000 varieties and over 10,000 products, which are exported to 43 countries and regions.

If Li Youzhi's success depends on brand strategy and technological innovation, then Yushuisheng's entrepreneurship depends on honest management. Relying on the experience and contacts accumulated in his previous work in the town tourism company, in 1989, Yu Shuisheng saw the demand of Xiaolan printing industry and lent 100,000 yuan to set up a printing materials company to sell printing ink and equipment. In the early days of his business, a 28-inch bicycle was his only delivery vehicle.

After months of bicycle delivery and sales promotion, Yushuisheng's company was gradually recognized by printing enterprises and orders were increasing. Two years later, from Xiaolan radiation to Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Shunde and other surrounding areas, the company's scale is also growing.

Over the past 40 years since the reform and opening-up, our town has continuously adjusted and optimized its economic structure, encouraged and supported the development of private economy, actively implemented the strategy of scientific and technological innovation, brand-name driving and listing on the market. Xiaolan's private enterprises have also been growing in the fierce market competition with their flexible operation methods and keen market sense, and a number of large-scale, powerful and high-tech well-known enterprises have emerged. Huadi, Changqing and Jianhua became the first "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangdong Province".

Up to now, there are more than 45,000 market players in the town, and the private economy accounts for more than 99 percent。 There are over 300 high-tech enterprises and 383 Industrial Enterprises above the scale。 Many industry invisible champions play a decisive role in Xiaolan's economic development。

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