"In the Year of Deepening, Qiangji Guben, Seeking Truth and Practical Stepping Forward" The Thanksgiving Dinner of 2018 concluded with affection. - News information - Xiangrong
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"In the Year of Deepening, Qiangji Guben, Seeking Truth and Practical Stepping Forward" The Thanksgiving Dinner of 2018 concluded with affection.

Hits:342   Date:2019-01-17

New Year's bell is about to ring, and the wheels of time leave a deep impression。 With the warm sunshine in winter, 2019 arrives as promised。 On the evening of January 12, the Thanksgiving Dinner of 2018 was held in Xiaolan Town Xiaolangong Hotel。

With the arrival of the first night, invited guests arrived at the banquet scene one after another, bringing a question and answer game link。 All the guests were seated and the game was drawing to a close。 Finally, the first prize 1, the second prize 2, the third prize 4, the prize rich on-the-spot cash!

"In the year of the 4th Five-Year Plan, the flag will win." Tonight, let's formally open the banquet curtain with the dance "The flag will win." Like 2018, sweat like rain, dance melody, and brilliant smiling face are the cry of our flag's victory.

Speech on stage

In his opening speech, Mr。 Li Youzhi, chairman of Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co。, Ltd。, warmly welcomed the guests and thanked you for your trust and favor in Xiangrong Co。, Ltd。, which enabled Xiangrong Co。, Ltd。 to continuously exert its advantages to promote the development of the industry。

Mr。 Li Zijie, general manager of Zhongshan Xiangrong Caster Manufacturing Co。, Ltd。, said that Xiangrong will continue to find the source of the problem in the "opening year", improve the root of the problem in the "deepening year", and strive to promote the innovation and upgrading of the industry。

Leaders came to the stage to celebrate with a toast ceremony:

With a click of glasses, tonight's evening show is on:

Wushu Performance in Financial Center: Hong Quan

In 2018, Xianglong Company established Xianglong Hall, in order to provide more managers and potential employees with a platform for continuous learning, especially to breed the "Learning Star" award.

Dance Performance of Assembly Department and Quality Control Department --"Boom Clap"

Solo by Deng Jietian, Purchasing Center - "Alpine Valley"

In the middle of the game, there is an interactive drink grabbing game. The winner can draw a big prize and lose small comfort gifts. The scene is very fierce.

The following trophies imply that partners with various personalities and hobbies from all over the world are working together in this big family to piece together the blueprint of Xiang Rong Company。 Miss Zhang Liqin, Manager of Enterprise Management Center, awarded the "Excellent Employee" Award in 2018。

Xiangrong Power Sales Department

Material Control Center Chorus --"Forest"

The following awards imply that good management can only be achieved by integrating everyone's strength. Li Youzhi, chairman of the board of directors, awarded the award of Excellent Management in 2018.

The Three Great Markets'Brilliant Sketch Show --"Such a Meeting"

 Tonight's final award, Pentagon has been given a variety of special meanings, and today in this Pentagon Cup, we give it a new meaning, symbolizing the special contribution to the company。 The 2008 Special Contribution Award was awarded by General Manager Li Zijie。

Standardization Center: Who resonates?

After the splendid program and award presentation, the scene ushered in an exciting draw. The carefully selected gifts welcomed the warm welcome on the spot, and the applause on the spot was continuous and the praise was high.

Finally, the evening ended with the collective performance of the people on the spot. The host once again expressed his thanks and wishes to all the guests on the spot, and looked forward to more exciting activities next year! uuuuuuuu


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